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Carriage "Taxi" 1880s

Inspired by the “Berliner” sedans, this type of horse-drawn carriage was developed in the United States around 1880. An early form of public transportation, they were used as vehicles for hire in larger cities. Eventually, they made their way to Cuba and then on to Spain.

#195-955-7 Modern laser-cut technology was used to recreate this reminder of a by-gone era. This kit contains ready-to-assemble wooden parts, including pre-carved wheel hubs. Lanterns, hubcaps, chassis supports and ironwork are cast metal. Detail parts include brass railings, whip support and nails plus aluminum wheel rims. Your finished model sports upholstered seats, clear acetate windows and cloth curtains. Color photos of every stage of construction accompany clear English instructions.
Dimensions: Length:17-1/2" Height:7-1/2" Width: 5" Scale:1/10 Price: US$140.00 our web price US$112.95

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