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Doll House Furniture kits in 1/12 scaleKit

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`162-866-9 THE NURSARY KIT I 1/12
Kit includes a portable crib, night stand, rocking chair, rattle, picture frame and a birth certificate.

162-867-1 THE NURSARY KIT II 1/12
Kit includes a basinet, wardrobe, diaper pail, scale, and decorative decals.

Contains a finely detailed Grandfather Clock with Duxbury Chair and Hat Rack. US$8.50

101-166-2 TEA CART KIT 1/12
Tea Cart Kit- Creates a lovely Tea Cart on wheels and a hanging Wall Shelf, complete with china-like accessories, rooster. and nesting hen. US$8.50

162-868-3 CRIB KIT 1/12
Kit includes crib frame, spring, and mattress decals.

139-848-2 HALL STAND KIT 1/12
Charming old-fashioned Hall Stand. complete with mirror. cane, umbrelia, parasol. straw hat, derby, and newspaper. US$8.50

Treadle Sewing Machine Kit- Authentic replica of the "Yesteryear" Treadle Sewing Machine. Includes dress form, scissors, pattern envelope, & tape measure. US$8.50

101-150-9 PARLOR STOVE 1/12
Parlor Stove Kit - An exact reproduction of a Parlor Stove, complete with tile-like stove board, coal scuttle with shovel, and simulated coal. No painting necessary! US$9.50

134-211-8 ORGAN KIT 1/12
Beautifully executed replica of a Parlor Pump Organ, complete with stool. US$9.95

Victorian Bathroom Kit - With a Claw-footed Bathtub. Tank-top Commode with Pull-Chain, Radiator, Mirrored Medicine Cabinet Stool. and Swan Decals. US$13.50

101-151-1 COOK STOVE 1/12
Authentic replica of Cook Stove, complete with lid lifter, 2 trivets, match safe, 2 sad irons. grate shaker, large& small cast iron skillet, & stove board with decal No painting necessary! US$9.50

101-147-2 POT BELLY STOVE 1/12
Contains Pot Belly Stove, grate shaker, removable lid & lid lifter, stove board, decal, coal scuttle, simulated coal, Arrowback Rocking Chair & foot stool. No painting necessary. US$9.50

101-148-4 DRY SINK 1/12
Dry Sink Kit - Features Dry Sink with Shelf, Coffee Mill. Pump. Towel Bar, Comb Case with comb. Wash basin. Soap Dish with soap. Water Pail and Dipper. US$9.50

101-165-0 VICTORIAN TABLE 1/12
Features a beautiful Victorian Table and Chair. 2 picture frames. and a magnificent reproduction of a stereoscope. complete with 6 views. US$8.50

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