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101-180-2 TAPEWIRE [ 15' ROLL]
Our double conductor tapewire is the leading method of wiring a dollhouse since 1976. Its use creates a printed circuit type layout and completely eliminates the congested wiring found in conventional systems. A super strong adhesive, exposed by the removal of a peel away paper carrier, ensures a secure grip on any surface. Since the .002" thick by 3/16" wide copper foils are sandwiched between two layers of .001" transparent tape, the tape may be applied even over bare metal. The exposed transparent tape has a matte finish allowing easy application and retention of paint. US$8.50

131-668-2 WALL OUTLET FOR FOIL TAPE 1/12 (1)
The installation of this wall outlet couldn't be easier. Simply place over tape run at desired location and pound in. The Wall Outlet nails are imbedded diagonally, allowing the outlet to be mounted vertically regardless of whether the tape run is vertical or horizontal. 600 ma current rating. US$2.10

131-669-4 MALE PLUG (1) 1/12
This Plug is made to work with our Wall Outlet and may be attached to the bulb wires from any lighting fixture. To make an electrical connection stripped lamp wires are simply inserted into small holes in the side of the plug and the supplied pins pushed in from the front to make electrical contact and hold the wires in place. Since the plug is not permanently attached to the wires it may be reused time and time again, a real plus! The plug is made of hard, white plastic and extends less than 1/4" when plugged in. Assembly instructions included. 600 ma current rating. US$2.10

000-000-0 HOLLOW TUBE MALE PLUG (1) 1/12
This plug is an adaptation of our regular male plug above. The wires are fed into hollow tubes imbedded in the plug and fastened using a fast drying gel type glue. This is probably the easiest technique yet for connecting lamp wires to a plug. Using the glue gel method results in an extremely aesthetic and long-lasting electrical connection. Mates with our Wall Outlet. Assembly instructions included. 600 ma current rating. US$2.10

136-066-1 MALE PLUGS (6 ) 1/12
These plugs are less expensive but larger than the ones above. They are designed to work with the Wall Outlet just below. US$1.65

131-322-0 WALL OUTLET FOR FOIL TAPE (4) 1/12
These Wall Out lets are less expensive but larger than the ones above. They are designed to work with the Plugs just above. US$4.50

131-670-7 JUNCTION SPLICE (1)
The Junction Splice, with imbedded nails, is simply placed over the tape run and pounded in. The nails, in addition to holding the connector in place, also establish electrical contact between the tapewire and male pins of the lead-in wire. The locking screw makes it virtually impossible for the connector to be accidentally dislodged. A most convenient method of connecting power to any layout. US$3.50

131-672-1 MINIATURE SLIDE SWITCH 1/12 (1)
Designed with a smooth sliding outer body to achieve the "on/off" operation. Ease of installation. With no protruding toggle the switch can be easily pounded into a run without fear of damage. No more loose nails, broken toggles, or "on" position pre-setting. Only a straightforward and uncomplicated mounting procedure. Its rugged construction makes it ideal for use in even the hardest of woods. The complete and fully illustrated instructions included with each switch ensure a successful installation every time. 600 ma current rating. US$3.90

When using ten bulbs or less this will help prevent your bulbs from burning out prematurely. US$4.50

The lead-in wire provides a transformer to dollhouse electrical interconnection and may be used with any screw-terminal type transformer. One end of the wire is equipped with a plug for connection to the Junction Splice on the dollhouse and the other with spade lugs for connection to the transformer output terminals. Over all length approximately 6 feet. US$5.80

Our plug-in transformer provides a safe and convenient power source for any dollhouse or miniature room. All Cir-Kit Concepts' transformers are designed to plug directly into a 115 volt wall outlet. US$22.00

131-677-1 CLEAR HEAT SHRINK TUBES (12) US$2.00

The remarkable Ceiling canopy makes any chandelier removable with just a "twist of the wrist". A quarter turn clockwise for installation and a quarter turn back for removal. Nothing could be simpler! It's the best connection your chandelier will ever have. And the rich plating will compliment even the most ornate of hanging fixtures. You're sure to agree it's the easiest method yet for installing ceiling chandeliers. Complete instructions included. (chandellier not included) US$4.75

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