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Wood Roofing Shingles in 1/12 scaleParts

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164-240-5 CEDAR OCTAGON SHINGLES thickness: 1/16" (1000 loose PCS) 1/12 US$35.00 Special US$29.50

165-289-8 BIRCH OCTAGON SHINGLES thickness: 1/32"(400 loose PCS) 1/12 US$5.95

164-241-7 CEDAR FISH SCALE SHINGLES thickness: 1/16" (1000 loose PCS.) 1/12 US$35.00 Special US$29.95

165-288-6 BIRCH FISH SCALE SHINGLES thickness: 1/32" (400 loose PCS.) 1/12 US$5.95

Note: if you should want Butt shingles all you have to do is turn the Fishscale or Octogon shingles around and you have the shape you want.

Please note: Our minimum order is US$25.00

This page was last updated August 1st 2012.

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