Plastic Kits

Sailing Ships

Bounty: 1787 English Brig

Adventure Galley: 1698 Captain Kidd's ship

Queen Anne's Revenge: 1701 Black Beard's Pirate Galleon

Satisfaction: 1668 Sir Henry Morgan's Privateer Galleon

Cutty Sark: 1869 English tea & wool Clipper

Mayflower: 1620 English Merchant vessel

The Constitution: 1790 American Frigate

The Jolly Roger: 18th Century Pirate ship

Passenger Liners

The Late Great Titanic: 1912 White Star Passenger Liner

Greek Trireme: 500 BC Greek warshipA Great school Project!

Roman Galley: 30 BC Roman warshipA Great school Project!

War Ships
Tone: 1945 Japanese Heavy Cruiser

USS Hornet CV-8: 1942 Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier

USS Enterprise CVN-65: 1961 Nuclear Aircraft Carrier

The SULLIVANS DD-537: 1943 Fletcher Class Destroyer

USS North Carolina BB-55: 1941 Carolina class US Battle Ship

USS New Jersey BB-62: (modern version) Iowa class US Battle Ship

USS Missouri BB-63: 1945 Iowa class US Battle Ship

The Blue Devil (USS Melvin DD680) : 1943 Fletcher class Destroyer

HMS Prince of Wales: 1941 King George class British Battleship


HMS King George V: King George class British Battle ship

The Tirpitz: 1944 German Battle Ship

The Yamato: 1945 Japanese Battle Ship

The Bismarck: 1941 German Battle Ship

The HMS Hood: 1941 British Battle Ship

SS Jeremiah O'Brien: 1942 Liberty Ship

Lucky XI Harbour Tug

Scientific models


Historical Figures

Knights of the Middle Ages

17th Century Wars


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