Wooden Ship Kits

Radio Control Models

Sanson: Steam tug 1915 (R/C)

George W Washburn: steam tug 1890 (R/C)

Carol Moran: Diesel tug 1940s (R/C)





Ulises: Ocean going tug 1960s (R/C)

Anteo: Ocean going tug 1930s (R/C)

Brooklyn: Railroad harbor tug 1910 (R/C)

USS WHITEHALL PCE-856: Patrol Craft Escort 1944 (R/C)

PT-212: HIGGINS 78' PT Boat 1943 (R/C)

J F Kennedy's PT-109: ELCO 80' PT Boat 1942 (R/C)

SC-23: SCI Sub Chaser 1916 (R/C)

SS-222 Bluefish: US Gato class Submarine 1943 (R/C)
Actually Dives!

Akula: Russian nuclear attack submarine 1986 (R/C)
Actually Dives!

USS Crockett: US Navy Gun boat 1968 (R/C)

U.S.C.G. Motor Life Boat (R/C)

Mount Washington: Side Paddle Wheeler 1872 (R/C)

Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Barrel Back 1938 (R/C)

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