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Japanese Heavy Cruiser ToneKit

During WWII, the Tone was present at many of the major Pacific Theater engagements. At the beginning of the war, the Tone was present during the attack on Pearl Harbor and also went on to see action at the Battle of Java Sea, Battle of Midway, Battle of the Eastern Solomons, Battle of Santa Cruz, Battle of the Phillipine Sea, and the Battle of the Leyte Gulf. In July, 1945 the Tone, along with most of the surviving large Japanese Navy warships, was based at the Kure Naval Arsenal. On July 24th, Task Force 38 launched a large scale air raid on Kure and Tone was hit by three bombs which sank her.


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#196-049-0 Tamiya Heavy Cruiser Tone kit
length:30-1/2" scale:1/350 US$206.00 on Special US$189.95

# 000-000-0 Heavy Cruiser Tone paint set (US$2.50 per bottle)

Gold Medal Photo etched super detail sets in 1/350 scale

#196-050-0 Metal railing set (especially for 1/350 scale Japanese battleship ship)
Contains detailed main deck and upper deck railings featuring a "drooped chain" appearance; solid-type railings for upper decks and platforms, chain rails for the tops of the main gun turrets; two aircraft catapults in two different styles with full interior detailing; aircraft trolleys with shuttles in two styles, aircraft & boat cranes in two styles with rigging and hook; chocks, rails, & other details for the ship's boats; struts, propellers, & other details for all ship's aircraft types; gunsights & controls for single mount 25mm antiaircraft guns; three radars of two types; footropes for yardarms; bridge details; accommodation ladders; bridge window frames in three different sizes; plus the usual assortment of vertical and inclined ladders, watertight doors, cable reels, eyebolts, turnbuckles, boat davit rigging, and other fittings.
Mfg. US$54.00 our web price US$49.95

#178-820-1 One hundred crewmen: Officers, sailors & signal men set
(for 1/350 scale ships) In various poses climbing ladders, pointing, waving, gesticulating & saluting. US$9.95

Metal Anchor Chain
PH4410 Blackened metal anchor chain for 1/350 scale US$4.25
PH4402 Brass anchor chain for 1/350 scale US$3.95
PH4400 Brass anchor chain for 1/700 scale US$4.25

International flag set
#180-504-5 These flags are printed so that they appear to be blowing in the wind. Flags of several countries such as the Unitied States, Britain, Japan's rising sun, nazi Germany etc. This set includes flags in both 1/700 and 1/350 scale. US$9.95


#104-909-1 US Battle ships in action Vol#1 US$8.65

#138-623-5 US Battle ships in action Vol#2 US$8.65

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