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The Battleship Missouri BB-63Kit

The Mighty MO (BB-63), the last Iowa class battleship built by the United States was commissioned June 11th 1944, with Captain William M. Callaghan in command. After final fitting out as the fleet’s flagship she put to sea January 27th 1945 to serve in the Lexington carrier task group of Mitscher's TF 58. On February 16th her flattops launched the first air strikes against Japan since the famed Doolittle raid.

Shortly after, her mighty guns provided direct and continuous support to the invasion landings on Iwo Jima. After being reassigned to the Yorktown carrier task group, raids against airfields and naval bases near the Inland Sea and southwestern Honshu continued.
Within 50 miles of the Japanese mainland, the carrier Franklin was hit, leaving her dead in the water. The Cruiser Pittsburgh took Franklin in tow. In a daring daylight rescue, Missouri provided cover for the Franklin's escape.

During the Okinawa campaign she shot down five enemy fighters. She helped repel 12 daylight attacks of enemy raiders and fought off four night attacks on her carrier task group. Her shore bombardment destroyed several gun emplacements and many other military, governmental, and industrial structures.

Missouri arrived May 27th and was again conducting shore bombardment against Japanese positions on Okinawa.

Missouri now led the mighty 3rd Fleet in strikes on airfields and installations on Kyushu the 2nd and 3rd of June. The mighty fleet set a course to approach the Japanese mainland. Raids took Tokyo by surprise July 10th, followed by more devastation at the juncture of Honshu and Hokkaido July 13th and 14th. For the first time, naval gunfire wrought destruction on a major installation within the home islands, when Missouri closed the shore and rained destruction on the Nihon Steel Co. and the Wanishi Ironworks at Muroran, Hokkaido. Inland Sea aerial strikes continued through July 25th, and Missouri guarded the carriers as they struck hard blows at the Japanese capital.

As July ended the Japanese no longer had any home waters. Missouri had led her fleet to gain control of the air and sea approaches to the very shores of Japan. Strikes on Hokkaido and northern Honshu resumed August 9th, the day the second atomic bomb was dropped.

Next day, at 20:54 Missouri's men were electrified by the unofficial news that Japan was ready to surrender. Not until 07:45, August 15th, was word received that President Truman had announced Japan's acceptance of unconditional surrender.

On September 2nd 1945 high-ranking military officials of all the Allied Powers were received on board. The Japanese representatives, headed by Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu, arrived. At 09:02 General MacArthur stepped before a battery of microphones and the 23-minute surrender ceremony was broadcast to the waiting world. The Second World War was over, but Mighty Mo’s career was not.

Korean War

She served two tours of duty during 1950 - 1953 against Communist aggression in Korea.
Lebanese War

During the 1986 war in Lebanon, Hisbolah cowardly sent a teenage boy to drive a pickup truck loaded full of exposives into the marine compound killing many of our marines. Missouri trained her massive 16" diameter guns (not to mention her 12, 5 inch guns, 32 tomahawks and 16 harpoon missiles.) on the terrorist organizations, Hisbolah (Party of G"d) and the PLO,(Palestinian Liberation Organization) this way providing support for the US troops. (Translation: We blew the cr*p out of them and they got the message!)

Although decommissioned and now in reserve, "Mighty Mo" remains very much a part of the Navy and is a popular center of attraction at Bremerton Washington. Each year approximately 100,000 visitors board her to explore and re-live her days of glory.

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#139-106-0 Tamiya Missouri kit NEW TOOLING WITH EXTRA DETAILS!
length:30-1/2" scale:1/350 US$163.00 on Special US$139.95

Please pick the paints for me (acrylic paints $2.50 per color)

Gold Medal Photo etched super detail sets in 1/350 scale

#178-816-2 Metal railing set (for 1/350 scale Missouri)

* Railing in several styles including pre-shaped sections for upswept bow,
* vertical and inclined ladders,
* aircraft catapults
* recovery crane,
* cable reels,
* 20mm gun armor shields,
* funnel cap grilles,
* Mk. 37 director radars,
* SK, SK-2, Mk. 3, Mk. 27, and SG radars,
* ECM antennas,
* yardarms,
* bridge window frames,
* aircraft propellers,
* watertight doors,
* assorted bulkhead details.
our web price US$55.95

#195-780-6 Gold Plus Extra Details set:
(for 1/350 scale ships) Includes 40mm Quad bofor gun details, varous radar (SP,SC2 & SR), flag bag details, accommodation ladders,whale boat cradles,20mm Oerlikon armor, 5" 38 calibur gunhouse details,turret training railings, leadsman's platforms, windshiled wipers, Forward and Aft searchlight platforms,Armored conning tower details, Gun tub ready ammunition racks, Capstan break wheels, etc. US$62.95

#178-820-1 One hundred crewmen: Officers, sailors & signal men set
(for 1/350 scale ships) In various poses climbing ladders, pointing, waving, gesticulating & saluting. US$9.95

Gold Medal Photo etched detail sets in 1/700 to 1/720 scale

#178-788-1 One hundred crewmen: Officers, sailors & signal men set
In various poses climbing ladders, pointing, waving & saluting. (for 1/570 to 1/700 scale ships) US$7.95

Metal Anchor Chain
PH4413 Blackened metal anchor chain for 1/350 scale US$3.95
PH4403 Brass anchor chain for 1/350 scale US$3.95
PH4410 Blackened metal anchor chain for 1/700 scale US$4.75
PH4400 Brass anchor chain for 1/700 scale US$4.25

International flag set
#180-504-5 These flags are printed so that they appear to be blowing in the wind. Flags of several countries such as the Unitied States, Britain, Japan's rising sun, nazi Germany etc. This set includes flags in both 1/700 and 1/350 scale. US$9.95

#178-845-3 US Navy Hull Numbers
Shaded hull numbers, Unshaded hull numbers, Draft marks (water depth marks), "E" efficiancy markings in white and red, safety markings, etc. Scale:1/350 Price: US$9.95


#104-909-1 US Battle ships in action Vol#1 US$8.5

#138-623-5 US Battle ships in action Vol#2 US$8.65

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