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The "Big E" as she is affectionately known, is truly a modern wonder. She was the first nuclear powered surface warship ever built and also the world's largest navel vessel. The Enterprise carries the most technologically advanced radar and weapons system. 90 aircraft and 5,500 make up her crew. She has s displacement of 89,000 tons and is capable of speeds of over 30 knots. The Enterprise can go as long as 15 years without need of refueling!

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#165-725-4 Tamiya USS ENTERPRISE
Dimensions: Length: 39-1/2" Scale:1/350 List US$241.00 Price: US$159.95

#180-147-7 Aircraft set #1 for the USS Enterprise
Includes 10 aircraft: Scale:1/350 Price: US$9.95

#179-152-5 Aircraft set #2 for the USS Enterprise
Includes 10 aircraft: Scale:1/350 Price: US$9.95

#195-948-2Nuclear Carrier decals 1/350
FOR ENTERPRISE: Hollow white outlined flight deck numbers in the correct shape (Tamiya's molded engraved lines depict an incorrectly shaped "65"); "Big E" marking for rear of island; "USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65" titles for the island front in two sizes and three variations for three different eras; Aviation Boatswains' Mates' Wings, ship's plaque, and small black eagle for lower island front; five "Beware of Jet Blast Propellers and Rotors" signs in four styles for different eras; "Hormuz Highway Patrol", kill marks, and related awards for late 1980's period.US$14.95



Gold Medal Photo etched super detail sets in 1/350 scale

#178-814-8 Metal railing set (especially for 1/350 scale Enterprise)
* Railing in several styles including specialized rails for mast yardarms and aircraft elevators,
* vertical and inclined ladders,
* accommodation ladders,
* pre-shaped flight deck safety netting,
* aircraft refuelling hose reels,
* island safety cage ladders,
* perforated mast yardarms,
* SPS-10, SPS-48, and SPS-49 radars,
* SatCom and RDF antennas,
* watertight doors,
* bicycles,
* Stokes litters.
our web price US$54.95

#196-015-6 Enterprises Elevators set 1/350
Perforated elevator platforms to replace the four solid plastic platforms included in the Tamiya kit of CVN-65 USS Enterprise in 1/350 scale. Etched in heavy sheet brass with full see-through gridwork, reinforcing strips, tie-down rings, and even the extended plating on Elevator No. 2 as seen in prototype reference photos. Sheet styrene can be used for side plating on underside by using the kit's elevators as guides, or the plastic side plating may be carefully cut away from the Tamiya elevators and transferred to the etched brass versions if desired. These four etched platforms are exact matches for the plastic parts to ensure a precise fit. Instructions are etched into the edge of the brass sheet.US$39.95

#178-820-1 One hundred crewmen: Officers, sailors & signal men set
(for 1/350 scale ships) In various poses climbing ladders, pointing, waving, gesticulating & saluting. US$9.95

Gold Medal Photo etched detail sets in 1/700 to 1/720 scale

#178-778-0 Details set for WWII US Aircraft Carrier
Photo etched metal railings, vertical ladders, railings for stairways, crane details, & life preservers. (for the 1/570 to 1/700 scale ships) Mfg. US$54.00 our web price US$48.95

#178-788-1 One hundred crewmen: Officers, sailors & signal men set
In various poses climbing ladders, pointing, waving & saluting. (for 1/570 to 1/700 scale ships) US$8.95

Metal Anchor Chain
PH4402 Brass anchor chain for 1/350 scale US$4.25
PH4400 Brass anchor chain for 1/700 scale US$4.25

International flag set
#180-504-5 These flags are printed so that they appear to be blowing in the wind. Flags of several countries such as the Unitied States, Britain, Japan's rising sun, nazi Germany etc. This set includes flags in both 1/700 and 1/350 scale. US$9.95




#178-845-3 US Navy Hull Numbers
Shaded hull numbers, Unshaded hull numbers, Draft marks (water depth marks), "E" efficiancy markings in white and red, safety markings, etc. Scale:1/350 Price: US$9.95


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