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USS Melvin DD680 Fletcher class DestroyerKit


The first Fletcher class destroyer (DD/DDE 445) was designed in 1939 and commissioned June 30, 1942. Her blueprint design was followed by 174 more destroyers called the Fletcher class. This ship was named after Admiral Frank Friday Fletcher. The Fletcher-class destroyer was the foremost type of destroyer of World War II. She incorporated many improvements over the earlier designs, making her the most efficient and effective vessel. After proving
her abilities, Fletcher class destroyers were used extensively in all the theatres of World War II.

Model built and photographed by Tony Oliver
Nick named the Blue Devil, Melvin's (DD-680) keel was laid down 6 July 1943 by Federal Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Co., Kearny, N.J. and launched 17 October 1943. Following her shakedown cruise off Bermuda. Melvin sailed for the Pacific 1 February 1944. On approaching the island of Saipan by night she sank an enemy submarine, RO-66. A few hours later, while steaming off northern Saipan, she again engaged an enemy vessel, this time a merchantman, which burned brightly for a few hours before sinking. For the next 23 days she provided counter battery fire; conducted antisubmarine patrols and damaging an enemy submarine on the 17th. She served as call fire ship for marines on the beach; escorted ships from Eniwetok, and participated in the bombardment of Tinian.

In the early hours of the 25th, she joined in DesRon 54's torpedo attack which opened the Battle of Surigao Strait. Assigned with Remey (DD-688) and Gowabn (DD-678) to the Eastern Attack Group, Melvin began launching torpedoes, scoring a direct hit on Fuso, which exploded and sank at about 0338. She was underway when she received word of the Japanese surrender, and new orders to return to Japan for occupation duty with minesweepers off northern Honshu. For her illustrious service during World War II , Melvin received 10 battle stars.

#103-109-4 This kit would be equally
suited for a fine display model as it would be a
radio control model on your local pond. There is plenty of room for your r/c gear including instructions explaining how to set everything up.
Dimensions: Length:36" Scale:1/125
Price: US$99.00on special US$84.95

If you would like to make your model radio control operated, some modification of the kit is required.

#101-615-5 6-volt motor. Price: US$78.95

Comes with

1 motor (with coupling socket attached)
1 Universal coupling socket 1/8" bore
1 dog bone joint

#139-785-8 . 2-channel 2-servo radio control system Price: US$79.95
Comes with
1 transmitter,
2 servos,
1 reciever,
1 battery box,
1 wiring harness


#180-388-7 Electronic speed control with reverse
Quite simple. Three sets of wires. One set plugs into the battery. The second set into the motor. The third plugs directly into the reciever of your radio. Price: US$59.95

#181-434-7 Rechargable 7.2 volt 1800mh Price: US$24.95

#195-925-4 AC/DC Peak Power Charger
Can charge off of wall current (115V) or a 12 Volt battery in the field.
Price: US$59.95



Glue kit
Please include and charge me for the appropriate glues.

Paint sets
Please pick the paints and charge me accordingly. (Acrylic paints. US$2.50. Metalic colors $2.75each)

Please note: Our minimum order is US$25.00

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