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S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN: Liberty Cargo shipKit

The construction of Liberty cargo ships was authorized by the Merchant Marine Act of 1936. An act designed to rebuild the merchant fleet of the United States. Production was somewhat slow in the first years. But when Britain went to war with Germany, and British ships were being destroyed by enemy submarines faster than her shipyards could replace them, British officials came to America in September of 1940 to seek shipbuilding assistance. After considerable controversy, America answered the British request by increasing shipyard production. Shortly thereafter, Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan and the U.S. entered the war. It was evident that vast numbers of cargo ships would be needed. Mass production of Liberty ships began. Over 2,500 were built in a three-year period. The Liberty ships gave tremendous and gallant service throughout World War II, often sustaining and surviving terrific punishment under the most extreme conditions. After the war, The United States found itself again, the leading maritime nation, a position she wished to maintain. However, the abundance of Liberty ships was overwhelming. America allocated enough ships for a sufficient peacetime U.S. Merchant Marine fleet and, with the Merchant Ship Sales Act of 1946, sold many Liberty ships to her allies and also to her former foe, Italy; the remaining ships went to the scrap yard. A few of these remarkable war heroes still remain; one of them, the S.S. JEREMIAH O'BRIEN, has been restored to operating condition and is open to the public in San Francisco, California. We consider our true-to-scale model of the Liberty ship a memorial to the several million men and women who not only built the Liberty ships, but also sailed, defended, repaired, and supplied them during World War II. The standardization of these vessels allows the modeler to build the Liberty of his choice.

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#195-716-1 S.S. Jeremiah O'Brien plastic kit
length:00" scale:1/350 US$79.00 on Special US$59.95

#000-000-0 Please include the paint needed for this kit

#178-820-1 One hundred crewmen: Officers, sailors & signal men set
(for 1/350 scale ships) In various poses climbing ladders, pointing, waving, gesticulating & saluting. US$9.95

Metal anchor chain
#168-034-2 Brass anchor chain for 1/350 scale US$4.50

International flag set
#180-504-5 These flags are printed so that they appear to be blowing in the wind. Flags of several countries such as the Unitied States, Britain, Japan's rising sun, Nazi Germany etc. This set includes flags in both 1/700 and 1/350 scale. US$9.95

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