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The HMS HOOD's keel was laid down in 1915 and construction was not completed until 1920. She was the most powerful warship of her day and her displacement of 41,200 tons made her the heaviest capital ship in the world for the next twenty years.

In September 1940, the Hood spent the winter of 1940-41 patroling the northern waters around Iceland and watching over any attempted break out by German Navy's largest ships. But in May 1941 battleships Bismarck and Prince Eugen managed to get through the patrols. The Hood and the brand new battleship the "Prince of Wales"were dispatched to intercept and destroy the German ships before they could wreak havoc on the British convoy routes.

On May 24th, The Bismarck was spotted. The Hood opened fire at 05:52 at a range of 25,000 yards. The Bismarck at once replied and on her third salvo, she hit the Hood close to the main mast, setting her on fire. At 05:55 the British ship began to turn broadside onto the Germans to enable all guns to open fire. As they did so Bismarck fifth salvo struck Hood with devastating force. A thousand foot high explosion tore her apart and she split in two sinking in less than two minutes. There were only three survivors from her crew of 1,415.

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#195-826-4 HMS HOOD 1/350
length:00" scale:1/350 US$150.00 on Special US$135.95

#000-000-0 HMS Hood acrylic paint set

Gold Medal Photo etched super detail sets in 1/350 scale

#178-813-6 Metal railing set (especially for 1/350 scale HMS Hood)
- More than enough liferails, all pre-measured and including windscreens where appropriate
- Inclined and vertical ladders
- Accommodation ladders
- Watertight doors, both open and closed
- Capstan and brake handwheels
- Hawsepipe covers
- Jacobs Ladders for boat booms (a first!)
- Cable reels
- Finely detailed vent screens
- Porthole gutters (a major eyestrain!)
- Turnbuckles and eyebolts for rigging
- A replacement rigged yardarm
- Gun details for 4in 45, quad .50 cal and 2 pdr Pom-Pom guns
- Leadsman platforms (a welcome addition)
- Degaussing cables (wartime service)
- Boat details including oars, rudders, propellers and seaboat jumping nets
- Type 279 and 284 radars
- Aerial spreaders
- Main derrick and small derrick details
- Boat davits plus gripes (another nice feature)
- Boat cradles
- Life raft details
- Funnel bars
- Quarterdeck hatches and covers
- Admiral's cabin window details
- Letters for the HOOD name boards with jig
- And of course VADM L.E. Holland! US$50.95

#195-822-6 Gold Metal Plus photo etched set (especially for 1/350 scale HMS Hood)

- The catapult fitted from 1929-1932 (beautiful bolt head detail!)
- The associated crane
- Launch cradle
- Floatplane details
- Jack staff and flag staff
- Boat gunwhales and bench seats
- Boat gratings
- 15inch gun tompions (Wow! In polished brass! Forget the IPMS rules on drilling barrels!)
- Awning stanchions with small eyebolts etched in and drilling jigs (Inconceivable!)
- Skylight covers
- Turret aircraft platform sections
- Davits stowed and deployed (and etched for rigging!)
- Life buoys and racks
- Fighting top windows
- Semaphore signaling stands with arms
- Boat boom brackets
- More eyebolts
- More doors
- More oars
- More J-bar davits
- More boat cradles US$34.95

#178-820-1 One hundred crewmen: Officers, sailors & signal men set
(for 1/350 scale ships) In various poses climbing ladders, pointing, waving, gesticulating & saluting. US$9.95

#000-000-0 HMS HOOD UPGRADE KIT (for 1/350 scale ships)
- 4 sets of 5" MK.I tapered brass gun barrels with canvas jackets (left side)
- 4 sets of 5" MK.I tapered brass gun barrels with canvas jackets (right side)
- 8 sets of 5" MK.I tapered brass gun barrels
- 7 sets of twin 100mm brass gun barrels
- 2 sets of left propeller screws
- 2 sets of right propeller screws

Gold Medal Photo etched detail sets in 1/700 to 1/720 scale

#178-774-2 Railing set for WWII US Battle ship
Photo etched metal railings, veritcal ladders, railings for stairways, crane details, lifeboat rigging & life preservers. (for the 1/570 to 1/600 scale ships) Mfg. US$54.00 our web price US$48.95

#178-788-1 One hundred crewmen: Officers, sailors & signal men set
In various poses climbing ladders, pointing, waving & saluting. (for 1/570 to 1/700 scale ships) US$7.95

Metal Anchor Chain
PH4413 Blackened metal anchor chain for 1/350 scale US$3.95
PH4403 Brass anchor chain for 1/350 scale US$3.95
PH4410 Blackened metal anchor chain for 1/700 scale US$4.75
PH4400 Brass anchor chain for 1/700 scale US$4.25

International flag set
#180-504-5 These flags are printed so that they appear to be blowing in the wind. Flags of several countries such as the Unitied States, Britain, Japan's rising sun, nazi Germany etc. This set includes flags in both 1/700 and 1/350 scale. US$9.95


#104-909-1 US Battle ships in action Vol#1 US$8.65

#138-623-5 US Battle ships in action Vol#2 US$8.65

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