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195-475-9 Mini Casting kit
Get everything you need to make a mold and cast your part in 1 day! All measuring tools are included for the Alumilite and the Quick Set Rubber. All products are non-toxic and can easily be used in your home.
The kit includes: 1 lb. Alumilite Regular, 1 lb. QuickSet RTV Rubber mold compound, RTV catalyst, Alumilite Synthetic Modeling Clay, 2 oz. Rubber to Rubber Mold Release, 1 oz. Measuring Cups, Stir Sticks and complete instruction book

195-477-3 Quick Set Molding Compound
1.lb of RTV mold making rubber, RTV catalyst, measuring cups and instructions. 4 hour set up time.US$35.95

195-739-9 5 Minute Molding Compound
1.lb of RTV mold making rubber and instructions. Make a mold in only 6 minutes. 1 minute of mixing, 5 minutes of setting up time and it is ready to use. Note: Not as durable as the Quick set molding compound. US$35.95

195-476-1 Alumilite plastic resin
28 oz size of both the "A" and "B" parts. Once mixed, Alumilite resin will harden in just three minutes! This product can be used in molds made of RTV, sealed wood, latex, clay, sealed plaster or Alumilite itself.
Can also be used as:
* a super strong glue to bond metal, soft woods or plastic.
* a patching material for concrete, ashphalt or metal.
Can be drilled, tapped for threading, sanded, filed, painted, stained or even machined on a lathe.
Note: temperature and humidity of the room you work in, may slightly alter the actual drying time.US$35.95

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