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SS-222 Bluefish Gato class US Submarine 1943Kit

Experience the excitement of diving with the USS Bluefish (SS-222). This dynamic diving sub is recommended for pool use only and has a maximum diving depth of four feet depending on water conditions.

History Gato-class submarine was the state of the art in American design at the start of World War II. Using the previous Tambor-class submarine as a basis, Gatos incorporated improvements to increase their overall patrol and combat abilities. Modifications to the diesel engines and batteries increased patrol duration over Tambors, and internal alterations provided more amenities for the crew. The class is named after its lead ship, USS Gato (SS-212).

The Bluefish (SS-222) was launched February 21st 1943 by Electric Boat Co. of Groton, Conn. Between September 1943 and July 1945 she completed nine war patrols. Her operating area extended from the Dutch East Indies to the treturous waters off Honshu Japan. The Bluefish sank 12 Japanese ships totaling 50,839 tons, including the destroyer Sanae on November 18th 1943. On the fateful day of July 15th 1945 she sank the Japanese submarine I-351, and a Japanese submarine chaser. In addition Bluefish assisted Puffer (SS-268) in sinking a 5135-ton tanker. Instructions:
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This kit features a 2 piece vacuum formed hull, deck, motor mounts, sail and expanded pvc die cuts and laser cut balsa and birch plywood parts. Step by step instructions. Also included is the running hardware and two motors operating twins shafts. Designed for radio control or as an impressive display model.
Dimensions: Length: 33" Beam: 4" weighs: 5 lbs Price: US$225.00 on special US$189.95

Glue kit
Please include the necessary glues and charge me accordingly.

Paint sets
Please pick the paints for me. (Acrylic paints. US$2.50 each)

#195-924-2 4-channel 2-servo radio system Price: US$145.95
Includes transmitter, receiver, land frequency crystals, wiring harness, 2- 3003 servos.

#195-923-0 Extra 3rd servo Price: US$19.95

#180-388-7 Electronic speed control with reverse
Quite simple. Three sets of wires. One set plugs into the battery. The second set into the motor. The third set plugs directly intothe reciever of your radio. Price: US$79.95

#180-389-9 Battery connector from the speed control to the rechargable 7.2 volt battery Price: US$3.95

#181-434-7 Rechargable 7.2 volt 1900mh Price: US$29.95

#195-925-4 AC/DC Peak Power Charger Price: US$57.95

Please note: Our minimum order is US$25.00

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