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Akula Russian nuclear attack Submarine 1986Kit

First deployed by the Soviet Navy in 1986. The Akula ("shark") is the Soviet designation for theirAttack submarine class designated (SSN).

Akula incorporates a double hull system that increases the strength reserve and is able to dive deeper than any other modern SSN. It is the quietest Russian nuclear attack submarine; the noise radiated by the Akula-II class is comparable to that of last versions of the American Improved Los Angeles class.

The distinctive "bulb" or "can" seen on top of the Akula's rudder houses its towed sonar array, when retracted.All Akulas are armed with four 533 mm torpedo tubes which can use Type 53 torpedoes or the SS-N-15 Starfish missile, and four 650 mm torpedo tubes which can use Type 65 torpedoes or the SS-N-16 Stallion missile. These torpedo tubes are arranged in two rows of four tubes each. Improved Akulas and Akula IIs have an additional six 533 mm torpedo tubes mounted externally, however it is unclear whether these are fully functional external tubes, or if they are only capable of launching Mines and decoys. The external tubes are mounted outside the pressure hull in one row, above the 'Normal' Torpedo tubes, and can only be reloaded in port or with the assistance of a submarine tender. The 650 mm tubes can be fitted with liners to use the 533 mm weaponry. The submarine is also able to use its torpedo tubes to launch mines.

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This kit features a 2 piece vacuum formed hull, deck, motor mounts, sail and expanded pvc die cuts and laser cut balsa and birch plywood parts. Step by step instructions. Also included is the running hardware and two motors operating twins shafts. Designed for radio control or as an impressive display model.
Dimensions: Length: 33" Beam: 4" weighs: 5 lbs Price: US$200.00 on special US$169.95

Glue kit
Please include the necessary glues and charge me accordingly.

Paint sets
Please pick the paints for me. (Acrylic paints. US$2.30 each)

#195-924-2 4-channel 2-servo radio system Price: US$145.95
Includes transmitter, receiver, land frequncy crystals, wiring harness, 2- 3003 servos, nicad batteries for transmitter and receiver and nicad charger.

#195-923-0 Extra 3rd servo Price: US$15.95

#101-615-5 6-volt motor. Price: US$78.95

#180-388-7 Electronic speed control with reverse Price: US$79.95

#181-434-7 Rechargable 7.2 volt 1900mh Price: US$29.95

#195-925-4 AC/DC Peak Power Charger Price: US$57.95

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