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APOSTOL FELIPE Spanish galleon 1732Kit

Spanish galleons conjure up visions of sunken treasure, pirates and conquistadores. Built during the 16th and 17th centuries, they served the Spanish crown as merchantmen and warships. A typical galleon was a three-masted vessel with a square rig, sloping hull sides, flat stern and protruding bow.

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#195-967-2 Plank on frame construction . The kit uses plank-on-bulkhead construction with laser cut wooden parts. Fittings are abundant in quantity as well as quality. Finely cast metal pieces include doors, stern ornamentation, bilge pumps, 30 gun ports and frames, falconets, gun carriages with wheel shafts and wheels, cleats, lantern and anchor stocks. Gallery ornamentation, cannon barrels, chainplates, bowsprit iron, trestletrees, eyebolts and rings are brass. Ready-to-use boxwood blocks and deadeyes, 4 diameters of rigging, silk-screened flags and pennants, plus pre-sewn sails recreate the rig plan of the original galleon.

OcCre’s seven plan drawings and clearly written instructions, accompanied by corresponding color photos, take the guesswork out of building a magnificent model.

Dimensions: Length:30-3/4" Height:27-1/3" Scale:1/60 Price: US399.95

Please include the glues required.

Paint sets
Please pick the paints for me. (Acrylic paints. US$2.50 each)

Ship building tools: specialized tools to aid in planking & rigging.

Please note: Our minimum order is US$25.00

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