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HMS Surprise: British Frigate 1769Kit


Captured by the H.MS. Inconstant in 1796, the French corvette L'Unite was converted into a 28-gun sixth-rate and renamed H.M.S. Surprise. She carried twenty-four 32-pound carronades on her main deck, eight on her quarter deck and forecastle, plus four 6-pound long guns as chasers. H.M.S. Surprise is the real vessel in Patrick O’Brien’s famous fictional works that tell of Captain Jack Aubrey's adventures, as he sets out on dangerous missions and holds his ground against various enemies. It’s also the star of the recent hit movie, Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World.

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#195-988-6 plank on frame construction
The kit features plank-on-bulkhead construction with double planking. Details are abundant and historically correct. Fittings include ready-to-use wooden blocks and deadeyes, Britannia metal parts and life-like rigging. Clear plans and step-by-step instructions take you to a model that would make even Jack Aubrey proud.
Dimensions:Length: 33-1/4" (000 mm) Height: 24-1/3" (00 mm) Scale: 1/75
US$880.00 special US$674.95

Please include the glues required and charge me accordingly..

Paint sets
Please pick the paints for me. (Acrylic paints. US$2.50 each)

Ship building tools: specialized tools to aid in planking & rigging.

Please note: Our minimum order is US$25.00

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