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La Toulonaise French Gaolet 1823Kit

La Toulonnaise was a French schooner which saw service from 1823 to 1843. She was armed with 15 lb carronades which was a radical innovation at the time. Carronades were more accurate because they would spin the cannon ball. It was the French who christened the schooners with the name "Goelette" which was also adopted by the Spaniards and by the Italians. Goelette is the name of the smallest member of a family of marine birds in Lower Brittany. The Toulonnaise was launched in Toulon on the 13th of August 1823 and took part in the Spanish War under the orders of Captain Joursin. She was stationed off Barcelona and later off Cadiz where she took part in the bombing of the harbour.

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#150-728-3 Plank on frame construction Double planked hull. The fittings include wooden blocks and deadeyes, metal anchors and eyebolts. The instructions are written in English and Spanish, complete with many diagrams to aid in the construction.
Dimensions: length:28-1/4"(720mm) height:20-1/4" (515mm) Scale:1/70
Price: US$225.00 on Special: US$189.95

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