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Oseberg Viking long ShipKit

In 1903 the 70 foot Oseberg was discovered, buried near the medieval trading center of Toensberg, the oldest town in Norway. It was very well preserved under several layers of stone, peat moss and clay.
We do not know the tales of her exploits but we do know about her last voyage. Her final voyage was to transport a Viking Chieftain to Val Halla. The oar and wind driven ship was built in the latter half of the 9th century and was buried approximately fifty years later. Historians believe that the Oseberg is at least 100 years older than any other Viking ship previously discovered.
Today you can view the Oseberg which is on display in the Viking Ship Museum of Oslo, Norway. This archeological dig is to date, the most important and valuable discovery of Viking artifacts ever found in Norway!

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#168-367-7 Plank on frame construction.
All wooden parts are laser cut including the outer planking. The warrior shields are made of bronze. The remaining fittings are made of wood. The Dragon's head (bow) and the stern posts are casted in resin which when painted will look hand carved.
Dimensions:Length:17-1/2" Scale:1/50 Price US$220.00on special US$179.95

$40.00 web special US$34.95

Glue kit
181-151-6 Please include and charge me for the appropriate glues.

Paint sets
Please pick the paints for me. (Acrylic paints. US$2.30 each)

Please note: Our minimum order is US$25.00

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