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Roman Galley 30 bcKit


A typical Roman war ship of the first Century B.C. This Bireme was driven by two rows of oars. Out riggers stabilized the ship and the wales protected the hull from the protruding bows of enemy ships. While fast under oar, this type of vessel capsized easily under too much sail.

Panart #137-491-3
Plank on bulkhead construction
This kit has been recently updated. Panart’s double planked hull features laser cut wooden components. The bow and stern sections which used to be made of plastic are now laser cut out of wood. The oars now come pre shaped but still require assembly. The fittings are of wood and metal. Cotton sail cloth, rigging. The silk tent for dignitaries or officers and the imperial standard of Caesar are silk screened. The instructions are straight forward and written in English and Italian. Detailed full size plans showing every conceivable view are included
Dimensions: Length: 24-1/2” (623mm) Scale: 1/30
Price: US$200.00 on Special: US$149.95

180-342-1 Sail set Contains all the pre-sewn sails. Especially made for this kit. This sail set may fit other ships of the same design by different manufacturers if they are the same size. Price: US$60.00 on Special: US$54.95




$40.00 web special US$34.95


Glue kit
181-151-6 Please include and charge me for the appropriate glues.

Paint sets
Please pick the paints for me. (Acrylic paints. US$2.50 each)



Please note: Our minimum order is US$25.00

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