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When General George Washington took command of the Continental Army, he soon faced a big problem. There was no Continental Navy to fight the mighty British Navy. In July of 1775, the Hannah, a 78 ton fishing schooner, was purchased and became the Continental Navy's first commissioned ship. Armed with four cannon, she flew a flag with a green pine tree on a white field with the words "an appeal to heaven". Under the command of Nicholas Broughton, The Hannah  was sent to capture badly needed gun powder from British ships.

Hannah: Ship in a bottle Bread and butter construction.
A wonderful kit for those of you that have always wanted to build a ship in a bottle. Amati's ship-in-a-bottle kit uses the "bread and butter" construction method. Several wooden pieces, die-cut to the exact dimensions, are layered and glued to form the solid hull. Decks, bulwarks, masts, skylights, guns and anchor are of metal, with many other details, photo-etched into the brass. Complete with cotton sails and rigging. Each kit also includes a glass rum bottle with a wooden cap. The special tools you need for getting the model inside are included.

#165-162-0 Dimensions: Length:4-1/4" Height:3-1/2" Scale:1/300 Dimensions are for the ship only.
Price: US$99.95on special US$84.95

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