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Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina,Kit

On the fateful day of October 12th 1492 an Italian, in the service of Spain, planted the Spanish flag on an island off the Eastern shore of the New World, as yet, unknown to the European. This extrordanary adventure was due to the ever present perseverance of Cristopher Columbus. Haunted by the conviction that the Atlantic ocean was not the end of the world but the gateway to Asia. Though he never made it to India, his intended destination, his vision, irrevocably changed the way we view the world.

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Santa Maria

The Flagship of the expedition and the largest of the three ships . She was wrecked on a shoal and her timbers were used in the construction of the first fort in the new world.

Length:22-1/4" (560mm) Height 19-1/4" (485mm) Scale:1/65 Price:


Columbus's favorite ship. She was more agile than the Santa Maria. Columbus made several voyages in her.

Length:22-1/4" (560mm) Height 19-1/4 (485mm) Scale:1/65 Price: US$147.95




Lateen rigged ships such as the Nina were a common enough site during the 15th century all over the Mediteranean, from Barcelona to Venice.

Plank on frame construction
The kit includes pre-cut wooden frames and decks. Wooden strips for planking and assembling the gratings. All wood and metal accessories are included. The windows are printed on special paper. Rope in various sizes for the rigging, flags and sail material complete the kit. An instruction booklet and large plans will make construction easy.

Length:16-1/4"(415mm) Height 19-1/2" (495mm) Scale:1/65 Price: US$144.95

Deluxe Tool set
196-025-7 Comes with a fine selection of the essential knives and tools for model building! Includes light, medium and heavy duty knives with 15 assorted blades, 4 gouges, pin vise with 6 number drills, 2 needle files, aluminum miter box with razor saw and handle, pointed nose tweezers, pinpoint awl, flush cutter with comfort cushion handles, plus wooden sanding block and wedge. This workshop in a box is heavy on value and long on convenience! US$69.95

Order the Deluxe Tool set at the same time you order one of the ships of Columbus and get the Deluxe Tool set, for just $49.95 !

Glue kit
Please include the necessary glues and charge me accordingly.
Paint sets
Please pick the paints for me. (Acrylic paints. US$2.30 each)

Ship building tools: specialized tools to aid in planking & rigging.

Please note: Our minimum order is US$25.00

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