Al Bahran: Arabian dhow

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The Al Bahran a sambuq is typical of the waters of the Arabian Peninsula.   Used both for fishing, smuggling, and transporting goods along the coastal routes of East Africa and the Indian Peninsula.    Some hull characteristics may be traced back to the Portuguese vessels, which, after circumnavigating the continent of Africa, from the 15th century onwards advanced along the southern coasts of Asia. 

These sailing ships, were very common thirty years ago,  but today are not commonly found other than  the Red Sea, the waters of the Aden and the Persian Gulf, used to collect pearl oysters.   In our century, sambuqs armed with weaponry carried on a profitable contraband activity and slave-trading for the Middle East.  These are the last sailing vessels used for war in the world.

Kit: Plank on frame construction.  
Corel’s kit of the Al Baharan contains laser-cut hardwoods and an abundance of fittings. Double planking in beech and Tanganyika is supplemented by beautifully hatch marked decorative strips running along the stern section. Blocks, barrels, and buckets are beech, boxwood and walnut. Rudder hinges, transom decorations and nameplate are brass. The kit also includes four brass swivel guns, sail material, flag and three sizes of rigging line. Detailed plans and step-by-step instruction book ensure trouble-free completion.
Dimensions: Length: 23″ (575mm) Height: 18″ (457mm) Scale 1:50