ARMED VIRGINIA SLOOP: American privateer 1768

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Plank on frame construction Privateers were privately owned vessels whose owners were commissioned by the government to carry on naval warfare. During the 18th century, many small single masted ships were armed and used for privateering. These Chesapeake-built vessels were fast and easily maneuverable with a graceful sheer and a low freeboard.

Kit:  plank on frame construction. Model Shipways has all the accuracy and detail seasoned modelers crave, yet it’s easy enough for a novice to build.
Double plank-on-bulkhead construction uses laser-cut basswood and walnut parts and planking strips. Britannia metal castings and a host of brass, copper and wooden parts duplicate deck hardware and accessories. Six cannon and eight swivel guns serve as armament. Beech mast, yards, and boom, over 200 yards of rigging line in four diameters, plus a variety of walnut deadeyes and blocks assure scale accuracy. Hardwood stock for launching ways is also included.
Seven sheets of meticulously drawn plans and a 40-page step-by-step instruction manual help you create a true museum quality replica.

Dimensions: Length 31″ (787mm) Height: 22″ (559 mm) Scale: 1/48 (1/4″ = 1′)