Bounty: British brig 1787

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Bounty British brig 1787

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The bloodless mutiny led by Fletcher Christian against Captain Bligh has made the Bounty’s story one of the most famous sea tales of all time. In December 1787 the Bounty set out with a crew of 46 volunteers from Spithead England en route to Tahiti, to collect breadfruit trees. Then to deliver her precious cargo to the Caribbean. On the homeward bound voyage from Tahiti, the crew mutinied. The first mate, Fletcher Christian and the mutineers forced Bligh into the ship’s launch with the remaining 18 loyal seamen. Together the crew and Captain Bligh set out in an open boat with only five days worth of rations. After 40 days on the open sea, they reached Timor and could then return to England. Bligh’s navigational skills during this perilous voyage were a remarkable feat never equaled to this day. The mutineers returned to Tahiti, where about half of them settled, while the rest continued to Pitcairn Island where they set fire and sunk the Bounty. Today their fair-haired descendants still live. Bligh was appointed Captian of another ship, only to be ousted again in 1797.

Kit: Plank on frame construction
Amati. Every component is designed to capture maximum realism. A beautiful brass transom, figurehead, burnished metal helm and lots of gilded ornamentation set the tone for the richness of the model. Quality woods, such as lime, walnut, poplar, mahogany, and beechwood are also included. Pre-cut parts and clearly organized instructions assist you in building a museum quality replica. Double planked hull. Lifelike rigging, four silk flags, and brass nameplate add the finishing touch of authenticity.
Dimensions: Length 30″(750mm) Height 27″(700mm) Scale: 1/60