Bounty’s Launch 1789

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HMS Bounty’s Launch

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Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers forced Captain Bligh and his remaining 18 loyal crew members into one of the three launches aboard the H.M.S. Bounty. Captain Bligh was a superior navigator. Against all odds, he brought his remaining crew to safety. Forty days and 3,600 miles later, the men reached the safety of Island of Timor.

Kit: Plank on frame construction.  Model Shipways. The Bounty’s launch was typical of boats issued to Royal Navy ships of the period. Historically accurate and highly detailed, Model Shipways’ HMS Bounty’s Launch kit is based on original plans from the Nautical Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England. It features true plank-on-frame construction with laser cut wooden components, laser engraved rabbet, and bearding lines. Beautiful cherry wood is provided for the frames and deck beams. Hull and quarterdeck planking, floorboards and mold stiffeners are flexible basswood. The fitting package replicates authentic gear, including ten oars, eight lathe turned wooden barrels, wooden chest, cast metal anchor, brass gudgeons and pintles, plus cotton sails and cordage. Five sheets of plans and illustrated instruction manual assure trouble-free assembly.
Dimensions: Length 17-1/4″ (432mm) Height: 14-3/4″ (356 mm) Scale: 1/16 (3/4″ = 1′)