CHARLES W. MORGAN American whaler 1841

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CHARLES W. MORGAN American Whaler 1892

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During her 80 years and 37 voyages, the Charles W. Morgan caught and processed more whales than any other whaling ship in history. Built-in 1841 at the Hillman Brothers Shipyard on the Accent River in New Bedford, MA, she was registered at 351 tons. The Morgan was originally built fully ship-rigged, but shortly after the Civil War, she was modified to become a double topsail bark. Her whaling days came to end in 1921 with the decline of whale oil prices. Purchased for Mystic Seaport in 1941, she’s now a beautifully restored monument to the men who built and sailed her.

 Kit: Plank on frame construction . Designed by naval architect Ben Lankford, This kit replicates the Charles W. Morgan as a double topsail bark of 1892-1908. Lankford’s precise drawings (a set of six) are based on plans for the 1983 restoration, provided by Mystic Seaport. A 40-page step-by-step instruction book includes many of the author’s own photographs of the reconstructed vessel.
Plank-on-bulkhead construction uses laser-cut basswood for the hull components. Wooden bow and stern filler blocks help you shape the real ship. Supplied is 75 feet of copper sheathing to cover the hull below the waterline. Wooden yards and mast, 140 deadeyes in three sizes, nearly 200 single and double blocks, four diameters of black running rigging and two of white standing rigging duplicate the rig plan of the original whaler. An assortment of fine metal fitting includes brass ship’s bell, belaying pins, eyebolts, spilt rings, strips, wire and chain, anchors, bilge pump, chocks, cleats, fire door, chimney, and galley stack. Seven whaleboats, to be assembled from laser-cut wooden parts, come complete with authentic scale whaling gear. (Display base and pedestals not included.)
Dimensions:Length:30-3/4″ Height:25″ Scale:1/64