Chinese Pirate Junk

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Chinese Pirate Junk 1500 AD.

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The last thing a clipper ship loaded with tea and spices wanted to see was a Pirate Junk, bristling with cannon. Ocean-going junks such as this dotted the rivers of China and Hong Kong. Generations of families lived and worked their entire lives aboard these floating relics which can still be seen today. It was often impossible to distinguish between honest fishermen and bloodthirsty pirates until it was too late.
Kit: Plank on frame construction. Authentic down to the last detail. The bow, stern and cabins are decorated with brightly colored silk-screened images of majestic birds and fanged demons. Precut beech and walnut parts, walnut and brass fittings and eight burnished metal cannons. The kit also includes sailcloth, a wooden stand, two large sheets of plans and instructions.
Dimensions: Length 15″ Height 13″ Scale 1/45