Constitution: American Frigate 1789

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American Frigate 1789

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Launched in 1789 the U.S.F. Constitution won every battle she ever fought. 40 engagements in all! She earned the nickname “Old Iron Sides” after one of her sailors saw a cannonball bounce off her hull during a skirmish. Resting in Boston Harbor, she is the oldest actively commissioned ship in the world.

Kit:  Plank on frame construction.
Mantua. Detailed full-size modeler’s plans. English instructions, lost wax brass castings. Doubled planked hull with Lime and then Walnut planking, wooden masts and spars, brass fittings, walnut blocks, and dead eyes. Etched brass details, rigging cord and silk flags. The superstructure is laser cut for accuracy. A joy to build.
Dimensions: Length: 38″ (960mm) Height: 26-1/2″ Scale: 1/98.