Cutty Sark: English Tea Clipper 1869

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British Tea – Wool Clipper 1869

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Built in 1869, the Cutty Sark was built at the beginning of the end of the era of sail. The Suez Canal opened to great fan fair on November 17th, 1869. England was now able to use coal-powered ships on the lucrative trade route between China and England. England did not geographically have enough colonies in Africa to provide a steady supply of coal depots in order to refuel when using the route around the Cape of Good Hope. Though a clipper ship could travel faster, a coal powered ship could continue to travel day and night even when there was no wind. The Cutty Sark started off being a tea clipper breaking records for speed when traveling between Ceylon and England. When the demand for clippers decreased she was rerigged and became a wool clipper traveling to Australia and breaking even her own previous records.

Kit: Plank on frame construction . Sergal. Laser cut wooden components. The hull is planked with mahogany strips, while limewood planking is used for the deck and deck houses. African walnut is used for the keel, stem, waterways, coamings, hatch covers, door frames, masts, and yards. Hardwood fittings include deadeyes, blocks, and cleats. Brass is plentiful in the form of stanchions, rings, belaying pins, eyebolts, navigation lights and housings, rudder hinges, chain, bell, chimney, and mastheads. Anchors, bitts, boats, boat frames, davits, signaling cannon, life rings, figurehead, trusses, hoops, and other parts are cast metal. Rigging line is supplied in a variety of sizes, and cloth flag and pennants add realistic detail. Six large sheets of plans, a 36-page book containing 120 color photos of every phase of construction and English, French and Spanish instructions.
Dimensions: Length: 45-1/4″ (1150mm) Height: 26″(660mm ) ┬áScale: 1/78