Egyptian Vessel

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Replica of the model found in the Tomb of The Kings of Egypt.

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Typical of the vessels used during the reign of King Sahure over 2005 years ago. The need to get cedar and ebony, myrrh and a particular golden alloy, called “electrum”, pushed the Egyptians to build suitable ships for navigation on the open sea. They traded with Lebanon for cedar and travelled the length of the Red Sea to the Kingdom of Ethiopia for ebony. Bas-reliefs discovered in the temple of King Sahure helped in the reconstruction of this model. Shipbuilders of that era did not use pegs (treenails) or metal fasteners but, relied on a rope to keep their ships assembled. Planks, superstructure were tightly tied together.

Kit: Plank on frame construction .
This kit accurately reproduces this ancient construction technique. Pre-cut parts and a 16-page instruction book with full-scale plans make building easy. The kit also includes pre-sewn sail and rigging line.
Dimensions: Length: 14″ Height: 11″ Scale: 1/50