EMMA C BERRY: Smack 1866

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EMMA C BERRY: smack 1866

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The Henry B. DuPont Preservation Shipyard at Mystic Seaport provided drawings and documentation. The kit offers true plank-on-frame construction with the same number of true-to-scale frames as the original. The frames are erected with the hull upright; just like a real ship. Using the upright construction method permits the addition of many inboard details, however, increases the difficulty.

Kit:Plank on frame construction
Model Shipways. Kit contains laser cut wooden parts, basswood hull planking strips and wood stock for launching ways. A host of finely cast Britannia metal fittings and anchor shank. Brass is used for eyebolts, rings, chain, and wire. Walnut blocks and deadeyes come in five sizes, and 50 yards of black and gray line is provided for accurate rigging.
Four sheets of plans and 40-page instruction manual by kit designer and naval architect Ben Lankford record every detail of construction.


Length: 26-3/8″
Height: 28-1/2″
Scale: 1/32 (3/8= 1 foot)