Greek Bireme of the Trojan War

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Greek Bireme

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Legend has it, that for ten long years the Greeks laid siege to the ancient city of Troy but could not take it. Then one night they sailed away leaving only a large Wooden Horse. Thinking that the Greeks had given up and returned home the Trojans took what they thought was a large idol into the city as war booty. That night ten brave men crawled out of the belly of the horse. They opened the gates of the city allowing the returning Greek soldiers to pour in and defeat the mighty city of Troy.

The Bireme was the warship used in the Trojan wars. It had a broad bottom with a shallow draft. Biremes were propelled by two banks of oars and virtually skimmed over the seas. The bow had a portion that protruded out at water level. It was intended for ramming and piercing the enemy’s hull. Once this was accomplished the seamen would race aboard and the enemy ship and subdue the crew.

Kit: Plank on frame construction.
All wooden components have been laser cut for trouble-free assembly. The 44 oars are pre-cut and require assembly. Hardwood and metal fittings are highly detailed so that you can build an exact replica of the original ship. The plans and explanations are clear and make this kit a pleasure to build.
Dimensions: Length: 22″ (560mm)