Half Moon: Henry Hudson’s ship 1609

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Half Moon: Henry Hudson’s ship 1609

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In the spring of 1609 the famous explorer, Henry Hudson set out to find the elusive North-West Passage, the trade route to India. What he did find first was the Hudson River of modern-day New York. On his second attempt, Hudson sailed North East, up the coast of Canada through the Strait of Belle Isle and South West below Baffin Island. They were just able to enter Hudson Bay when the winter of 1610 set in. When the pack ice broke in late spring they continued to explore Hudson Bay. Toward the beginning of winter, Hudson finished mapping James Bay, which he named after his son. Winter was coming and the crew wanted to return home but Henry Hudson refused. Shortly after, the crew mutinied and took over the ship. Henry Hudson, his son and seven other loyal crew members were abandoned in James Bay in the jolly boat. They were never heard from again. The crew returned to England where one of them told the terrible tale. The crew lived just long enough to be hanged for mutiny.

Kit: Plank on frame construction .  Corel. A delightful model made of seven different kinds of wood! Double planked hull. The pre-cut superstructure is made of poplar. Other wooden components are fashioned out of mahogany, limewood, Tanganyika, walnut, and beech. The decorative strips seen on the bow and stern are not painted but actual pre-glued wooden strips of marquetry (inlaid wood). The kit includes ten sheets of plans and instructions written in English, French, Italian, and German. Dimensions:Length:21″ (533mm) Height:21″ (533mm) Scale:1/50