HARRIET LANE: Civil war era Gun boat 1861

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The Harriet Lane was the Revenue Marine’s first successful steam side wheeler. She was 180 feet in length, 30 foot beam, 700 tons displacement, and draft of 10 ft. and was armed with one 8-inch rifled gun, 4 32-lbr guns, 2 24-lbr and 1 12-lbr boat howitzers, making her the largest, fastest and most heavily-armed cutter in the service to date.

Harriet Lane was probably the best-known cutter in the service during the Civil War. During the shelling of Fort Sumter in April 1861, Harriet Lane patrolled offshore of Charleston harbor and challenged the steamer Nashville to show her colors.  Thus the Harriet Lane is credited with firing the first shot from any naval vessel in the Civil War.

Harriet Lane joined a squadron to capture Forts Clark and Hatteras, which served as bases for Confederate blockade runners.

Harriet Lane joined the West Gulf Blockade Squadron and On October 1, 1862 entered into Galveston Bay to capture the city.  On January 1, 1863 a Confederate force attacked Federal garrison and the cutter was captured by boarding. Harriet Lane then gained fame as a blockade runner for the South.

 Kit:  Model Shipways. Block hull construction
This kit features a machine carved hardwood hull which needs only light shaping and sanding. We provide plank-scored basswood for decking and cabins, spars and hardwood blocks. Ladders, anchors, paddle wheels, two ship’s boats, four cannons with carriages and numerous other fittings are finely cast Britannia metal. The kit has been upgraded to include laser cut paddle wheel covers. Detailed plans and newly written clear instructions by master ship modeler, Ben Lankford, are easy to follow. (Baseboard and brass pedestals are not included.)
Dimensions: Length: 18-1/2″(470mm) Height: 9-1/4″(235mm) Scale: 1/96 (1/8″= 1ft).