Kate Cory: American whaling brig 1856

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American whaling brig 1856

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The 132 ton whaling brig Kate Cory was built at Westport Point, MA in 1856. Seventy five and a half feet long with a 22-foot beam, she was the last large ship built within the difficult confines of that port. She was also one of the last whalers built specifically for the trade. Most of the later vessels used for whaling were converted freighters or fishermen.

Originally rigged as a schooner, Kate Cory was converted to a brig in 1858. This rig made for smoother motion in heavy seas and steadied the ship while the crew was cutting in whales. In 1863, after only five voyages, she was captured by the CSS Alabama and burned off the coast of Brazil.


KIT: Block hull construction

Model Shipways. Historically accurate and perfectly scaled. Machine carved basswood hull. Genuine copper sheathing covers the hull below the waterline.  True-to-scale wood, brass and Britannia metal fittings.  Detailed plans and clear assembly instructions.

Dimensions: Length: 24″ (610mm)   Height:18-3/4″ (476mm) Scale: 3/16″ = 1″