Lifeboat of the Titanic 1912

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Lifeboat of the Titanic 1912

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The sinking of the RMS Titanic in April 1912, on her maiden voyage to New York, was made even more tragic by the shortage of lifeboats. The Titanic sailed to her fate with only 20 lifeboats. Not even enough for half the passengers let alone the crew. When launched from the sinking ship into the freezing seas the lifeboats were not even full, worsening the tragedy still further.

Kit: Plank on frame construction. All-wood construction features African walnut, Ramin, Sapele, coral, plywood and boxwood Brass hardware such as eyebolts, deck lights, rings, and more
Dimensions: Length 11-1/4″ Width: 3-3/4″ Scale 1/35 Price: