Phantom, American pilot schooner 1868

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Phantom Pilot Schooner 1868

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Designed as a pilot schooner by Dennison Lawlor, the Phantom was built in 1868. On March 14, 1886, as New York Pilot Boat #11, she rescued 852 people from the sinking British liner S.S. Oregon off the coast of Long Island. Unfortunately, Phantom herself was lost during the great blizzard of ’88, going aground off Sandy Hook, New Jersey with the total loss of the vessel, boat keeper, cook, and four seamen.

Kit: Block hull construction.
Even if you have never built a model before, you can build this beautiful pilot schooner. The kit includes a pre-carved basswood hull, brass & cast metal fittings, rigging line, copper hull plating, basswood launching ways, clear plans & detailed instructions.

BONUS: We are including a 24-pc. toolset, glue, 4 bottles of paint & 2 brushes. A $38 value!       Note: Wooden base and book in picture not included.

Dimensions: Length: 13-1/2″ Height: 13-1/2″
Scale: 1/96″ 1/8″= 1ft.