Royal Caroline: King George II’s state yacht 1749

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Royal Caroline King George II’s state yacht

The Royal Caroline was built at Bedford in 1749 as King George II’s state yacht. She was one of the most sumptuously decorated vessels of her time. In constant use by the Royal family until 1805. She was dismasted in a storm in1820.

Kit: Panart’s kit does justice to the royal vessel, recreating all the intricate ornamentation of the original. Double plank-on-bulkhead construction relies on laser cut wooden parts for precise fit. The kit contains the finest woods, such as high-quality beech and African walnut. Five and six-millimeter poplar keel and bulkheads ensure an exceptionally strong hull. Fittings are superb in a variety of pre-finished hardwoods, photo-etched brass, and gilded cast metal. Seven sheets of plans and comprehensive instruction manual guide you to the completion of a model fit for a king.

Dimensions: Length: 34″(830mm) Height: 24″ Scale: 1/47 (3/8”= 1 ft.)