San Felipe: Spanish Galleon 1690

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San Felipe: Spanish galleon 1690

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Built by the King of Spain in 1690, the San Felipe was Spain’s most majestic fighting ship. She fought valiantly in the wars against France.

Kit:Plank on frame construction Mantua’s kit features double plank-on-bulkhead construction, using 5mm and 6mm poplar plywood for framing, plus basswood and African walnut for the two layers of planking. All frames, keel and internal hull parts are laser cut. Beechwood masts and yards range from 2mm to 12mm in diameter. Ornamentation, reproduced in all the glory of the original, consists of 2,783 pieces, including 110 machine-turned brass cannon. One-hundred-eighty-five sculpted solid bronze parts are cast in the lost wax method. Etched brass, copper, and cast metal make up the balance of the metal fittings. Blocks and deadeyes are pre-finished wooden walnut. Eight giant sheets of plans and step-by-step instructions allow you to create an accurate replica.
Dimensions: Length: 38″Height: 34″Scale: 1/75