Sharke: English Channel cutter 1711

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Sharke: English Channel cutter 1711

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Built in 1711 at the Deptford dockyards on the Thames River, the HMS Sharke was designed for stealth and speed. The British government had an ongoing problem with patrolling the choppy waters of the English Channel. Merchant ships carrying cargo, foreign nationals, and even spies would use the cover of darkness to elude the authorities in entering the country. With its tremendous area of sail, the HMS Sharke would appear out of the pea soup thick fog and give chase. Like a terrier, she would bear down on her prey. Because of her shallow draught and minimal tonnage she could follow the smuggler anywhere even up shallow rivers and over dangerous shoals. With her ten pounder cannons, she could easily hole any smuggler who foolishly thought he could evade the HMS Sharke.


 Kit: Sergal  Plank on frame construction

The picture above, without its canvas (sails) does not do this English schooner justice.  Double planked hull utilizing flexible lime for the initial hull, walnut for the final hull and maple for the deck.  All the wooden parts are laser cut so you spend more time building and less time fabricating sub-assemblies. The stern gallery is acid etched brass. Cannons and falconets are lathes turned solid brass. Except for the bronzed cast figurehead, all the components are either made of brass or machined in walnut such as the dead eyes, blocks and belaying pins. Egyptian cotton and full-size sail plans are included.  The plans are very detailed including 1:1 scale drawings along with several very detailed views for perspective. The written instructions are clearly explained in English, French Italian and German.
Dimensions: Length: 35-1/4″(900mm) Scale: 1/50 1/4″= 1ft.