Victory, British Ship of the Line 1805

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British Ship of the Line 1805

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The Victory was a classic example of a “British Ship of the Line.” Admiral Horatio Nelson chose her as his flagship. He successfully defeated the French at the “Battle of Trafalgar.” Admiral Nelson died on her deck at that same bloody battle when he went on deck in full uniform. A French sharpshooter in the rigging shot him through the heart. The Victory can still be visited today. She has been completely restored and is permanently berthed in Portsmouth Harbor England.

Kit:  Pan Art Plank on frame construction.
Double planked construction features laser cut frames and keel. The primary planking is balsa wood followed by a second planking of flexible walnut strips. The masts, yardarms, deadeyes, block, and gun carriages are also made of walnut.
Even the four jolly boats are plank on frame kits in themselves! The figurehead, bow and stern ornaments are cast gilded metal. Stamped brass gun port frames. The kit has been recently revamped. The stern galleries are now laser cut instead of a stamped brass sheet. Brass lanterns, silk screened flags add lifelike detail.
4000 copper plates included so that you can copper the bottom of the hull. Each plate has embossed bumps to give the appearance that the plates are attached by rivets. The kit also includes 104 brass cannons. Seven detailed sheets of plans and a written instruction book take you through every phase of construction.
Dimensions: Length:51″ Height:40″ Scale:1/78