Virginia: schooner 1819

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Virginia: schooner 1819

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The Virginia was launched into service to combat the proliferation of smuggling along the Gulf coast. Equipped with a central swivel mounted carronade and lightly armed she was capable of high speeds due to her large sail area. Having a shallow draught, she was exceptionally well suited for pursuing and intercepting rum runners.

Kit: Plank on frame construction .
Artesania: All wood construction features Apple-wood, Ramin and Mahogany. Brass hardware such as eyebolts, stanchions, rings, hinges and hinge pins, belaying pins and much more. These features and more ensure a truly realistic, detailed and rewarding building experience. Pre-sewn sails are included. (Display base and brass pedestals are not included.)
Dimensions:Length: 21-1/4″ (540MM) Height: 19-1/2″ (500mm) Scale: 1/41