Wright Flyer 1903

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The beginning of FLight

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On December 17th 1903 Orville and Wilber Wright flew into history. After a coin toss it was decided that Orville would make the first flight. The first flight of a controlled powered flight, of a heavier than air, aircraft lasted 12 seconds and covered a distance of 120 feet. That same day Wilber flew a distance of 852 feet.

Kit: Model Airways: This true-to-life static model reproduces virtually every detail of the real aircraft. We’ve designed our model without the customary fabric covering to show its fascinating structural components. Kit contains laser-cut basswood parts for ribs and other wooden components plus a host of Britannia metal parts for building the engine, complete with cylinders, magneto and radiator. We include brass chain and over 160 photo-etched brass parts for fittings and braces to simulate the Wright Brothers’ construction methods. Three detailed, actual size plan sheets and a 28-page illustrated step-by-step assembly manual will assist both novice and expert modelers in the completion of a museum quality model.
Dimensions: Wingspan:30-1/4″ (768mm) Length:15″ (382mm) Scale:1/16