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Xebec Mediterranean pirate ship

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The three-masted Xebec with its lateen sails was used for centuries in the Mediterranean as a merchant ship because of its speed and shallow draught. It was not long before Corsairs, the pirates of the Mediterranean, decided on the Xebec as their vessel of choice for lighting fast attacks on heavier ladened merchant ships.
With its fourteen cannons slug low in the waists, the Xebec would hole her prey just inches above the waterline making escape impossible. Six culverins were mounted along the poop deck for close action or just in case the crew tried to mutiny. Oars were used when the wind failed to give the Xebec the upper hand in attacking other vessels or fleeing the authorities.

Kit: Plank on frame construction .
The kit includes pre-cut wooden frames and decks. Wooden strips for planking and assembling the gratings. All wood and metal accessories are included. The windows are printed on special paper. Rope in various sizes for the rigging, flags and sail material complete the kit. An instruction booklet and large plans will make construction easy.
Dimensions: Length:28″ ¬†Scale: 1/??